(C)ollaborative  (H)elpful  (O)rganization  (I)ndividualizing  (C)harter  (E)xcellence

Athenian Academy Charter School is a member of the CHOICE Charter School Services management company.

Our focus is to ensure high performance school leadership in each managed school. Critical areas of focus include student achievement, compliance, budget, student retention and highly effective innovative teachers and practices.

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Alex Veloudos
Alex VeloudosCEO
School Site Development
Human Resources
Grants and Funding
Financial Forecasting, Compliance, Reporting, and Budgeting
Accounts Payable and Receivable

Sarah Wagner
Sarah WagnerAccount Executive
Building and Maintenance
Accounts payables/receivables

Kathleen Kraft
Kathleen KraftHR/Project Manager
Angela W. Combs Ed.D
Angela W. Combs Ed.DCOO
Leadership Liaison​
School Staffing
Professional Development
Curriculum selection and support
Academic Advisor
Grievance Contact and Support
New Charter School Applications: research and writing ​​

Carianne Stewart-Vavlas
Carianne Stewart-VavlasDirector of Student Services and Curriculum
Sheena Curd
Sheena CurdMarketing Director
Public Relations
Community Outreach
Social Media Management
Web Design