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Athenian Academy Charter School, families and communities have a shared responsibility for every student’s education. Through a collaborative approach, it is our expectation that effective and on-going communication will enhance family engagement, resulting in a direct impact on improving student achievement. We embrace family engagement by supporting parents and guardians who seek our help, welcoming parents who wish to help the school, and empowering the voice of parents who are potential transformers of our system.

First Greek Immersion Charter School in the USA

School Assessment Report

My son went to this school from vpk through 8th grade. They are a family not just a school!! They see a child all the way through!! Thanks to them and my sons hard work, he will be attending SPC Tarpon next school year for his sophomore year!!!

Happy Parent
I love this school. Had one graduate in 2013 as valedictorian and now have three more starting there. Cannot say enough good things about the school and it’s staff.
Happy Parent

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