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Student life at Athenian Academy Charter School offers a safe, fun and challenging experience for all students. Athenian Academy takes pride in character education. Our students are held to a high standard of behavior and are rewarded monthly for their efforts.

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The Athenian Academy has a small campus which allows a greater degree of safety. We have a weapon free, drug free and bully free campus. Recordable security cameras are installed in the hallways, near entry doors and inside several classrooms. The controlled environment, along with our caring and dedicated staff allows a greater degree of individual attention to every student. Our students are held to a strict standard of behavior which creates a safe and productive learning environment. The Athenian Academy uniform policy also promotes a non-competitive environment, which allows students to focus on learning rather than social status.


The Athenian Academy staff and administration believes that school should be fun. Throughout the year, we offer a variety of educational field trips: recess up through grade three, special events and after school activities. Students at Athenian Academy can participate in Greek Chorus, Greek dancing, Zumba classes, art club as well as a variety of other fun events.


Athenian Academy offers three levels of instruction: Struggling students are placed in small groups or 1:1 instruction groups two or three times a week outside the classroom setting. The purpose of this small group instruction is to allow students the opportunity to catch up and meet grade level expectations. The standard curriculum is designed to push students to a greater degree of ability. The advanced curriculum is challenging and allows our students to move ahead of the standard curriculum. At the middle school level, students are offered advanced classes, allowing them the opportunity to receive high school credits while in middle school.

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