Volunteer Form for Ft. Myers Campus

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with us!

Before you can volunteer with us, please view the policies and check your eligibility.

Ethnicity (check all that apply):

Have you ever had any altercation with any Law Enforcement Agency, pled nolo contendere or no contest to a charge, had an adjudication withheld, entered a Pre-Trial Intervention or Diversion program, had any offenses dropped or dismissed, been arrested or served time in jail, been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor, received a criminal traffic citation (including a DUI, driving with a suspended license and careless or reckless driving), or any criminal charge against you in the past (no matter how long ago) or have any charges now pending other than minor traffic violations? Also include any sealed or expunged convictions and any convictions or confirmations of child abuse or neglect.

Please check *

If NO, and after a background check, we find offenses, you will not be eligible to volunteer.

If YES, please list all offense(s) and the disposition of the case(s) [example: ruled guilty, paid fine, pled no contest, accepted adjudication, etc.], date(s) of offense(s), and the location (state and county) where offense(s) occurred.

The Athenian Academy has a responsibility to its students, staff and visitors. In this regard, all individuals desiring volunteer assignments on our campuses (our facilities) are required to complete a Volunteer Registration Form. The Athenian Academy reserves the right to refuse volunteer assignments to any individual whether or not he or she has been convicted of any offense. In completing this public document, please understand The Athenian Academy’s sincere concern for the safety of its students, staff and visitors.

By signing below, I agree to the rules and regulations of the volunteer program and that any product produced while a volunteer shall be the property of The Athenian Academy, (a work for hire). I understand that all involvement with students shall be under staff supervision and is restricted to the school day, on the school grounds, or a school sponsored activity. I also understand volunteers are not employees or personnel of the school. My signature below certifies that I have reviewed the criminal offense statement and responded truthfully. FALSIFICATION OR OMISSION OF THIS OFFICIAL PUBLIC DOCUMENT IS A CRIMINAL OFFENSE, CAN BE PROSECUTED, AND WILL CONSTITUTE GROUNDS FOR VOLUNTEER DISQUALIFICATION. I further agree to maintain the CONFIDENTIALITY of student’s information.

By checking “I agree” you acknowledge you have read Athenian Academy’s Volunteer Eligibility Policy and you are eligible for Volunteering *