Student Laptop Loan Agreement 2019-2020

A laptop will be loaned to the student named below under the following conditions:
● This student laptop loan agreement, which is signed by the parent/guardian, student and
staff member of the school, will be kept on file at the school.
● Use of this equipment for any purpose other than educational use may result in loss of
● The school does not permit unethical use of the Internet, email, or any other media.
Violation of this policy may result in the loss of laptop loan privileges and disciplinary
action by the school. The school is not responsible for the students off site internet
usage and/or web filtering.
● The configuration of the hardware equipment and all accompanying software may not be
altered, nor can software be copied to or from the computer, or installed on the computer
under any circumstances.
● Parents/guardians accept financial responsibility for cost related to damage due to
purposeful action or gross negligence. The school will proceed with legal action, should
financial obligation be ignored. The replacement cost of the computer is $400.
● The laptop, which is the property of the school, must be returned at the end of the 2019-
20 school year or once online learning has moved back to in person learning, or In the
event of school change or early withdrawal.
● In the event the computer stops working the school will work with an IT company to
complete a diagnostic of the computer and make decisions as to issuing a replacement
versus online repairs.

We, the undersigned student and parent/guardian, agree to assume full responsibility for the
proper care and educational use of the computer equipment described in this document.