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Enrollment for the 2022 – 2023 school year is very limited. Several grades have waiting lists and seats are currently being filled on a first come basis. Please call the school for seat availability.


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The PCSB Focus Portal is where to get up to the date information on your child’s progress from grades to attendance. If this is your first time browsing, please watch the video tutorial below to learn how to utilize this portal during the school year to stay current with your child’s progress.

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All Athenian Academy families are asked to volunteer 20 hours during the school year. All volunteers must complete the registration process at the school with photo identification and Level 1 or Level 2 background clearance. Background approval is confidential and details are not disclosed to Athenian Academy. Volunteer hours are logged at the school and a report of hours is available upon request.

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CLEARWATER School Supply List for 2021 – 2022

Athenian Academy welcomes all parents and community members to make donations to their child’s classrooms. Please view the current requests for the 2021 – 2022 school year and contribute what you are able to.

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The Student Code of Conduct for Athenian Academy

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After School Clubs

Greek Chorus

The Greek Chorus will be for students of grades 3 – 8 and is taught by Kiria Sevasti. Students will participate in cultural song, dance and celebrations. Students will participate in various cultural events and may be photographed or video recorded, so it is essential that your child has their Athenian Academy Special Program Media Release filled out prior to chorus commitment.

Devotions – Student Sponsored Club

Devotions is our first club sponsored by a student. This is a nondenominational faith based club led by students for students. The purpose of this club is for students to have an opportunity to have fellowship with other students as they inspire through devotions. The club is sponsored by 6th grade student Trevon Banks and is facilitated by two staff members, Mrs. Jan Schartz and Mrs. Lekeshia Banks. This club will be non-fee based and will operate on donations only. If students are interested in sponsoring a club at school, they must present their idea to administration and obtain a level II sponsor to facilitate the club. We are excited to be growing future leaders in our community!

Musical Theatre

In the Musical Theatre Club, students of grades 2 – 8 will explore theatrical expression through improvisational theater, theater games and acting exercises. Students will also sing songs from the show and rehearse skits and scenes for the performance. While the mood is kept light, there are also times where focus is required and our student’s best concentration and effort will be expected. This theatre club is for students who would like to explore drama more thoroughly, and to work with a group towards mini-presentations in-school that will be offered to friends and family at the end of our term.

Mad Science

Mad Science is offered to grades K – 6. Mad Science is a separately ran company outside of Athenian Academy, but it is based on school property. Please see the Mad Science registration paper at the end of this packet to sign your child up online for this exciting enrichment after school program!

World Culture Club

For the students of grades 3 – 8. Come explore the vast differences among the world as we fill up our World Culture Club passport! Students who are curious about other countries, other cultures or who are interested in trying different foods from all over the world are welcome! We will explore a new country every week with food, videos, art and guest speakers. Students are also encouraged to share about their family’s country of origin. Ms. Curd has been to China and just recently spent this last summer in Uganda! Mr. Williamson has traveled to Belize, Honduras, Mexico and Ghana twice. He has a personal linguistic background in French, Arabic, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Dagaari, Ewe, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Bamanakan, Twi and German. Mr. Williamson is also currently learning Greek, Portuguese and Albanian.

Nature/Environmental Club

Mrs. Micale and Mrs. Reiff host The Nature/Environmental Club. This is for the students of grades 3 – 8. Explorers, earth-lovers and outdoor enthusiasts welcome! This club will include nature observations, journaling, crafts, school-wide recycling projects and gardening.

5000 Role Model Club for Boys

Mr. R and Mr. Williamson host The 5000 Role Model Club for Boys. This is for the male students from grades 5 – 8. The goal of this club is to instill the values of mainstream America, while respecting the existing values of the individual. The focus will be to pinpoint progressive and successful men in our community to emulate, promote positive alternatives to self-destructive behaviors and societal pitfalls and to teach these young men to assume responsibilities, preparing them for the challenges and struggles in today’s society.

Art Club

Ms. Curd hosts the Art Club for students grades K – 3. They will take part in a wide range of art projects, including painting, drawing, printmaking and clay building to enhance their artistic abilities and express their creativity.

Spanish Club

In the Spanish Club students grades 3 – 8 will throw a Spanish language movie night, host a salsa dance party or lesson, design club t-shirts, learn to cook authentic dishes, create and share Spanish trivia on the daily announcements, create and post inspirational quotes in Spanish around the school, host a Zumba class, create Spanish art and crafts projects and take part in cultural celebrations.

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