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Brick Fundraiser

In the year 2000 the original Athenian
Academy Charter School was founded as
the First Greek Immersion Charter School
in the United States of America. At that
time, the concept of charter schools was
relatively new in the state of Florida. Not
only was the concept of charter schools
relatively new, a multilingual focus at an
elementary level caused a great deal of
skepticism even though in over 20
European Countries, second and third
language instruction is required to begin in
schools with children as young as 5 years
old. The founder of Athenian Academy, Mr.
George Poumakis, was so convinced and
passionate about the benefits of American
children learning the Greek language,
culture and customs, gained the support of
the Education Consulate of Greece and
together, they negotiated a ground
breaking, teacher exchange program that
paved the way for the school to open. Now,
20 years later, the original Athenian
Academy has expanded from a K-2 school
with as few as 50 students, to a K-8 school,
educating over 500 students. Today, the
founders of the original school are
passionate about sharing the school model
and the benefits of multilingual education
with many more students in Florida school

20 years

We are selling 4×8 bricks for $50.00
and 8×8 brick for $200.00.
The bricks will be placed under the
flag poles on the outside school


Thank you for your support the past
20 years and to many more years.

At Athenian , every child is

We care about kids!

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