Staff at The Athenian Academy

Board of Directors

Benedict Williams – Board President

Alicia Rodriguez-Bower – Board VP

Mark Tsetsi – Board Secretary

Voula Patrides – Board Member

John Pantazes- Board Member

Board Meetings are held on the last Monday of the month at 11AM.

Business Manager

Alex Veloudos

Operated by Theopisti  L.L.C.

Accounting Services provided by

School Financial Services,

Bonifay, Fl.

Career Opportunities

The Athenian Academy staff are employed by the charter school and are not Pinellas County School District employees.

Job vacancies as they become available, are posted under charter school vacancies on the Pinellas County school website:

Kathy Hershelman

School Leader

Paige Tavoularis

Assistant School Leader

Suzanne Mizzi

Middle School Dean

Penny Diamantakos

Administrative Assistant & Technology Coordinator

Jeanne Troglen

Office Manager

Sheri Masters- Delaney

Director of Student Services


Karen Fulton


Michele Reynolds-Polek


Francia Noonan


Anastasia Rechnitzer


Georgia (Boulieris) Diamantakos

1st Grade

Melissa Poole

1st Grade

Catherine “Ami” Foxx

1st Grade

Kim Hoffman

1st Grade

Jackie Landes

2nd Grade

Alisha Edge

2nd Grade

Katherine Hill

2nd Grade

Brooke Huff

2nd Grade

Susan Mishler

3rd Grade

Blake Hutchins

3rd Grade

Wendy Lee

3rd Grade

Noel Hugan

4th Grade

Christy Reiff

4th Grade

Kaylin Villeme

4th Grade

Jeffery Darnold

5th Grade

Susan Asciutto

5th Grade

Nicole Hackett

5th Grade

Middle School

Cynthia Barber

6th & 8th Grade L.A., American History

Timothy Wert

6th Grade L.A.

Ryan Jackson

6th Grade L.A.

Sue-Ann Rodrigues

Middle – Science, 7th Grade Civics

Susan Lenning

Middle – 7th & 8th Math

Sheena Curd

Middle – 7th & 8th Science


Brenda Horan

Reading Specialist

Karla Lynde

Speech Therapist


Donna Girard


Chris Devlin

Physical Education / Athletic Director

Justin Romaine

Physical Education

Sevasti Ziogas

Executive Director of Greek Language Instruction

Zoi Galani

Greek Teacher

Ioanna Stamouli

Greek Teacher

Deborah Gomez

Spanish Teacher

Rayza Gransaull

Spanish Teacher

Victor Arriola

Spanish Teacher


Sarah Wagner

Bus Driver & Food Services

Sarah Hoffmeier

Administration Asst. 

LeKeshia Banks

DMT/Front Office

Brian Jones


Gregory Antill