About The Athenian Academy

Charter schools are independent PUBLIC schools. They are TUITION-FREE and open to all students. In Florida, charter schools must be approved to operate by the state department of education and are part of the state system of public education. Each charter school is legally like a small public school district. Charter schools are governed by a board of directors elected from among teachers, parents and interested community members.
They are not privately “owned”. Charter schools are allowed some freedoms that district schools are not, and in return they are held to a higher standard of academic and financial accountability. Unlike district schools, under-performing or financially insolvent charter schools can be dissolved almost immediately.
Charter schools offer programs, curriculum, schedules and services that traditional district schools choose not to provide. Teachers in Florida charter schools must meet the same licensing requirements as all other public school teachers. As with all public schools, charter schools are primarily funded with public monies (tax dollars), however, almost uniformly across the country they receive less money per student (sometimes significantly less) than district.


Why Athenian?

Athenian Academy Kindergarten- Grade 8

High standards forperformance and behavior
Foreign language instruction,Greek and Spanish
No neighborhood boundaries
Differentiated instruction
Strong parent participation
Small school environment
Certified, highly qualified teachers


The Athenian Academy has a strong partnership with the Greek Embassy Department of Education. Our Greek teachers participate in a 3-5 year teacher exchange program and are all highly qualified, veteran, native speaking, educators from Greece.


The Athenian Academy employs State of Florida certified Spanish teachers. With multiple Spanish teachers on site, each brings the advantage of their home country dialect to the Spanish curriculum.


Dual Foreign Language Focus

Athenian Academy, established in the year 2000, was the first Greek immersion charter school in the United States. Today Athenian Academy’s curriculum has evolved into dual foreign languages including both Greek and Spanish. Athenian is the only school in Pinellas County that teaches two foreign languages daily to all K-8 students.

Traditional public schools offer foreign language classes, often popular options like Spanish and French. But overall, children in the United States are behind their counterparts elsewhere in the world who learn multiple languages while growing up. Students at Athenian along with core academics receive daily instruction in English, Greek and Spanish giving them a tri-lingual, tri-cultural global advantage.

All Children Smile in the Same Language, γλώσσα, idioma.